Are you using the online scheduler?

Some of you may have heard me speak…

When I didn’t work for ISN I didn’t use the online scheduler. I had MANY excuses… I was concerned about giving up control… (yes I know it is hard to imagine that I might be a control freak)

I made a promise to my ISN team… when I started that I would try it. And, I can tell you from personal experience that all my fears and concerns went away.

ISN is FLEXIBLE… I can add controls for driving distance… I can decide when and where we were scheduled. I can decide what inspectors can be scheduled for certain services. I can even offer “package deals” which are our biggest seller.

The very first inspection booked on our online scheduler… was for a Platinum Package Service at a rate of $720.00 bucks.

I had to eat crow big time… my ISN team/family was right… and I just needed to take the leap of faith…

Please let us know if we can help you take that “leap” too!

We do up to the point where they pick the day and time, that last leap…

We use it and love it.

What is holding you back?

I had it very prominently on my site for a year.

In that time, only one person ever used it to book me.

When I re-did my website, I kept it on there, but it’s less prominent now.

Just booked one last night. Have to talk to my Wife (office manager and ISN user) about why. I believe it is allowing them to choose day and time. Will verify.

Let me know if I can help!

Hi David! :slight_smile: Very Nice!

just make sure to block off your day off or it will get scheduled:D

I use it and works great along with RED.

Sounds like a tough problem. ;):cool:

We haven’t been able to give up control yet and properly setup. But we plan to.

If I can help in any way Larry, please let me know :slight_smile:

The online scheduler is a great thing. I direct everyone there. I will get a call from a client or realtor about an inspection. We talk about availability and fee. I then ask them to go to my website and schedule online. I have only had a few people that wanted me to fill it out. Almost everyone will go to the site and enter the needed information. I explain that I want to make sure the spelling of the name and email is correct.

I also love it when I get the email about a new website order from someone that did not call, they just go to the site and request an email.

Anyone that isn’t using ISN is wasting time and money!

True Dat!!

Hi Michelle. I am curious about how you use the ISN to package your services?

Hi Steven.
I am using the Online Scheduler to package them. It helps me highlight that if you book/schedule multiple services as the same time you get a discount. I offer Gold, Silver and Bronze packages… and each one has different services with varying levels of a discount.
The pricing is the same as if they had called my office… but when using the OS you can see the discount in writing.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Use it and love it! As soon as someone completes the online scheduler, ACC picks up the phone and confirms everything with the client. Couldn’t be happier… well, maybe… a little…