Are your inspection services priced for profit? InterNACHI member discount offered.

Well the new version of the Service Business Profit Pricing Modeler is now available for sale. It’s so new that the sales website is still very much a work in progress. But the workbook is excellent with a lot of improvements to make it more accurate and powerful.

Develops profitable pricing for up to 30 inspection or addon services at the same time. All based on your costs of doing business and **your financial goals **for your business. Its Easy, Fast and Accurate. Once you set up your information any change is instantly reflected in your models.

Need to offer a lowball price in your market? Ever wonder how that effects your bottom line? Set that price as Fixed and the program will make calibrated adjustments to other prices to maintain your revenue (and profit) in line with your goals if it’s possible. Or show you how far off you are if it’s not.

Available in two versions. One for MS Excel and the other will run in Open Office for those who don’t have Excel. (If you need an office suite and aren’t using Open Office I ask only one question. Why? How do you beat powerful, full featured and FREE)

The price is unchanged at 34.99, at least for now . The InterNACHI discount remains in effect (10.00). You will need to send me a Private Messageand I’ll send you the coupon code to enter for the discount. (The PM lets me check that you are a NACHI member)

Go Here to Buy the MS Excel Version

Go Here to Buy the Open Office Version

The links in the old listing won’t work any more. Nor will the old discount code. I’m updating as fast as I can but to get the InterNACHI discount you need to send me a Private Message so I can confirm your membership and send you the code. Thanks. Don