NACHI Inspection Planner Book.

That looks good Nick.

You got to be kidding?

$50 for a color book cover, comb binding, and pages that could be printed from standard word templates.

Thanks anyway I’ll pass on this one.

My CPA, and also myself just love business expenses…:smiley:

Fifty dollars is steep.

That is all available standard as a part of the Hi Port software that was only $99 I believe. Worth every penny also.

We like seeing my mattress grow best. :smiley:

I know where you can get a home inspection for $125.

From the logic displayed on this thread, I should presume that anything over that is overpriced…?

I really fail to see the correlation James. We’re talking a business planner here. One that can be similarly created on Excel on one’s own computer rather than paying $50 every three months for a paper copy. Also, one could create one’s own and print it out and spiral bind it and do just what this gentleman did. There’s no patent on the process. It’s a great idea, but I just wouldn’t part with that much of my cash for it.

if you’re not interested don’t buy it, but why tear it down, let the man make money if he can.


This man has applied his own personal level of skill and knowledge toward the development and marketing of a unique planner for home inspectors. There is none exactly like it anywhere else on the market.

I have paid upwards of $100 for planners, appreciating the written record they present and favoring them over electronic programs.

I have paid over a hundred dollars for planners that have met my needs over much cheaper versions that did not.

Home inspections can be considered, similarly.

What I charge $350 for, a nearby competitive ASHI member will do for $125. The difference is, they will be getting HIS inspection…not MINE. Mine is worth $350 and, apparently, his is not.

So…of course…I could go out and create something on my own and it might be cheaper…it might even be of similar quality of paper and printing…but it will not contain his expertise and design.

Thanks Kenneth and James…I really appreicate the support. I’ve spent 3 months on this project and use it myself daily. Yes you could take the time to design and print your own but when you figure for your time and the cost of printing 100 pages front and back on heavy stock paper then binding it you will have $50 in it. I’m making very little on this…I felt as did Nick that this was something that other inspectors could use, so I made it available at the best price possible.

Thanks Again!

Thank you. Good luck to you.

I’m not tearing it down. As you can read in my post I said it was an excellent idea.

Michael, I think that is the reason people have gone to software. The high cost of printing out items like this is prohibitive and the reason they don’t publish it themselves at home on their own publishing software. It is a great idea and thank you for putting it together. You have saved others from having to do so and I may purchase one anyway.

Good luck! I honestly hope you sell thousands! :slight_smile:

Yep, I agree. You know, it’s just like my cookbook that I’m working on. Not everyone agrees with it, or finds it completely useful, but alot of people have contributed and alot of people are going to buy it just to be supportive of another NACHI member.

That cinches it. As soon as I’m able, I’m going to buy one of Michael’s planner books, and I encourage everyone else to as well. I think if we all supported each other’s ventures like this we’d all be better off financially.

Wendy, just for the record I was not singling anyone out, I was just saying the man has a right to make a profit. People could do their own inspections if they wanted to cheaper, but they will be better off if they let someone who has made the investment and the blood sweat and tears do it. I used to own a fishing lake, I went up to a store close by and posted some photos for advertizement, well some of the jealous locals reasoned that since there were so many good fish already caught there could not be any left, and that is what they told everyone who expressed interest. Of course they did not mention every thursday night I added 2000 lbs more with over half more than 10lbs each. Moral of the story is, it was uncalled for!

Printing at Kinko’s was $.89 a sheet last week for color.

Did you miss the rest of my posts Ken?

I wouldn’t print at Kinko’s if you paid me to do it. I’d use a commercial printer on a large scale to publish since they can usually get better rates. I’d probably do it in black and white since that would be cheaper and I’d probably not do the whole book in heavy card stock to keep costs down. Or I’d print at home. But that is just if I had to do it myself and didn’t have someone coming up with such a brilliant idea as what Michael has.

yes i saw the other post you made wendy, I was not talking to anyone in particular, just wanted to make sure you did not think i was addressing you.