I took my Mother to Arlington yesterday to visit Dad. It is quite somber at this time of year but at least there are live wreaths as far as you can see. They do take care of this hallowed ground. We lost him at age 79 and for a moment, I thought, man I sure miss him and that he should have had many more years. to enjoy his grandkids, fishing, etc. Then, a couple in their 40’s walked up to a grave a few yards from where My father is laid to rest. They were visiting their son… who was 19 yrs. old when he gave his life for our freedom. My heart went out to them and I was then grateful for having my father as long as I did.

Where would this country be without those who serve???

It must suck for those who do and have served to see our Country in the shape it is in.

Mike as soon as I opened the thread and saw the picture I got goosebumps. Arlington is definitely a thing of beauty. Your dad served and is honored daily there.

Thanks Brad.

Amen Michael.