holiday season photos

testing photo upload,
lets start a holiday fun picture thread to lighten things up
here goes
My mom sent this pic to me, Arlington at Christmas





Wow, what a beautiful tribute. :slight_smile: What a great idea! I hope I can find something that beautiful.

Thanks Wendy,
due to the fact that I got a negative PM in response, I will add the story
to this photo:roll:

The owner of the Worcester Wreath Co. in Harrington Maine not only donates
some 5000 wreaths but also covers the trucking and has each year since 1992.

Hope this clears any ill thoughts of me posting this photo, I think it is spectactular!

so anyway, let’s see some holiday photos
fire away Wendy!


You mean someone griped about your photo even!? Good grief!

You know, I was gonna say something about someone probably is going to say it’s not supposed to be in the Misc thread, but initially thought better of it. This is getting ridiculous!

Come on everyone! Join Carla and I in finding great holiday/winter photos!

ice fishing on Lake Waukewan
Derby 189.jpg

we really did fish!

Brrrrrrrr…I’m getting chills. :wink:

Great photo. My dad is buried in Arlington. WWII vet. They keep it looking spectacular year round. Interesting story about how Arlington came into existence. Property used to belong to Robert E. Lee.

thanks Doug,
where is your winter/holiday photo!?


It isn’t winter here yet. It is cool and today breezy but if you looked outside you would think it is late summer. I do have some nice pictures of Christmas lights on a shack I inspected for demo. I would have to go to Walmart and take some photos of the Christmas decorations. The grass is still green, I have fruit still on a lot of my citrus trees and I wore a polo shirt to my inspection this morning. I will comply as soon as I can though. Good idea.

wooo hooo yay for Maine and its generous wreath maker…

I will try to dig one up… a photo that is…