Rest in peace Dad!!

My dad died and the funeral was yesterday. He was 88.
The funeral and showing the day before was special in many ways.

He was a marine that served 2 terms, 18 years. He had a military burial. Folding of the flag (13X) presented to my brothers wife.
It was a sunny warm day and the shots of 3 rounds will always be remembered. We saluted him for the last time.

My 14 year old (girl) 2nd cousin, sang amazing grace (it was amazing)
My 16 old son did a reading.

The mass was at a Lutheran church (very old) high a top a hill and the cemetery was right there. There staff and pastor are special!!

I was able to see people I have not seen in years. One was my dads ex wife and my mom for 17 years.

Marines have a special bond, one came over from another showing as he saw my Dads marine flag and paid respect to him. He actually served with Billy B in Iraq (small world they say)

The pastor gave his 10 meanings of hoorah!!

Sepher Fi Dad!!

Sorry for your loss Dave.

Sorry for your loss Dave

My warm condolences to you and your family, David.

My sincere condolences David.

Prayers to you and your family.


I dread the day.

Thanks for sharing about your wonderful Father.

Prayers to you and your family.


My condolences David.

Sorry for your loss. You were fortunate to get so MANY years, although it is never enough.

My Dad died at 68 and it feels like yesterday and it must have been at least 8 years by now.

Just keep telling the stories about him to honor and keep his memory alive.

Sorry for your loss David.

Sorry for your loss, David. Prayers for your family.

David you must be a grateful and proud son. Sounds like he was a great man. It is always sad when we lose the good ones, no matter the age.

My condolences Dave.

My condolences also, Dave.

“Semper Fidelis”

This phrase means “Always faithful.”
It isn’t “Sometimes Faithful.” Nor is it “Usually Faithful,” but Always Faithful.
It is not negotiable. It is not relative, but absolute.

David, your Dad grew up in a culture that demanded excellence and loyalty of its members. Marines have downright fanatical dedication to each other, their service, and their country. It is sometimes hard to realize and understand the mindset of those who are not. It is not shallow like “Black Lives Matters” and the like.

It saddens me when another Marine is laid to rest because we seldom see their replacement arriving. Just a lot of snowflakes falling from the sky. But I know they are out there. Just not as **loud **and destructive in their own cause.

Your a reflection of your father. Shine brightly David!

God bless you and your family in this time.

Semper Fi!

Thank you all very much for you kind responses!!

Sorry to hear of your loss.
God bless you David.

My condolences to you and your family, David.

Sorry for your loss, Dave.