Armstrong Age Please

Gas pack / 1995 Ansi date

Serial number: 1605G24159

Model: PGE10B36D100A-9B

Age of home is 1991. I’m guessing it’s original based on the ANSI date.

Preston’s Guide has it as a 1998

I’ll take April 2005.

I agree. Made in plant 16 in July of 2005, according to the serial number. Preston’s also shows that model being made in 2005, as well.

And the answer is:

Thank you for your email regarding your Armstrong gas package unit. The date of manufacture is within the serial number. Serial number1605G24159 was manufactured in July of 2005.

Thank you,
Donna Gedcke
Allied Air Enterprises
215 Metropolitan Drive
West Columbia, SC 29170

I would have said April of 2005 with G representing the place of manufacture.