Armstrong furnace age (need quick response)

Got a call from someone in Ontario this morning whos having conflicting reports between the home-owner (says about 10 years old) and their home inspector (says its about 20 years old). Here in Alberta we have lots of Armsrong units…but none have letters in the serial number? Here is the information I was given

M# EGGA100DC14-12C
S# A0346HKA

Any help would as to the age of this unit would be greatly appreciated.

these have been a big help for me,

Thanks Steve…I have those charts, but I am still not able to determine the age of this particular unit?


I hear ya, thats a difficult one to pin down…

I googled “Armstrong furnace age” and found a doc that had this in it.
maybe give that a shot?

Armstrong: See Lennox – stumped? call 800-448-5872 ask for consumer division. Model number G6 was manufactured between the late 1950s and early 1960s

I don’t know how the canadian standards work, but the ansi standards have a date for the last 25+ years. That will put in in a 2 - 3 year ballpark (obviously after the date).

Did that too Steve, but only good for Mon.-Fri and next Mon. they will be closed because of the Thanks-giving holiday.

But thanks for trying.

Armstrong is a Lennox brand

That one is an American-made unit out of Bellevue, Ohio.

HKA stands for:

H = August
K = 1989
A = Bellevue, Ohio

Thanks RR…I just got an email back from the company and it confirmed the same manufacture date as you posted.