Armstrong age

Ser: 8403B17207
Is this a 2003? What is the 84? 84th day?
I just want to make sure this is a 2003 and not a 1984?

All the Armstrong units I’ve inspected the second two numbers are the year. Don’t know if the first two are days or factory # though.

I agree- 2003 The info I have is that Armstrong is actually builder grade Lennox. First 2 #'s are the plant , second 2 #'s year and the fifth # is the month.

That serial number isn’t matching anything that I have for Armstrong. However, it does match the Johnson Air-Ease that I have for the 1984 time period, which is when Armstrong, Johnson Air-Ease, and Magic Chef were virtually indistinguishable and sometimes one and the same. I believe you have a March 1984 unit manufactured by Johnson Air-Ease for Armstrong.

Sorry RR, I have to disagree with you on this one…we have a lot of Armstong units here and the second two digits are the year, which would make it 2003. I’m sure the original poster should be able to tell by the appearance if its 4 years old or 23 years old? Also look for a quick disconnect elec. box…if it has one outside by the unit it is more than likely a newer model as the older ones generally didn’t have to have them back then.

I shall enter that info in my notes for Armstrong. Additionally, if you have a picture of an Armstrong unit with that serial number type, I’d sure like one. Thanks.