Arocoaire BTU's

I appreciate any help I can get on this. I’ve been searching unsuccessfully for my Arcoaire furnace online for a while now and I found this site. I’m looking for the BTU rating of this furnace so that we can get the orifices converted from natural gas to propane.

The serial No. is R913200420
Model No. GUG047A008N
MFG: 08/91

Thanks for any help anyone can give me in advance :slight_smile:


Appreciate the link. I did that a few days back and haven’t heard anything back from them. I’ll try to send another.

Thank you for the link. I did send them a message a few days back and have heard nothing back. I’ll try them again.

Are you a homeowner doing this yourself?

We are. We’re taking the orifices to the local gas company to have them switched out as soon as we find out the BTU’s of the furnace.

imo sight unseen & depending on usage
24yo subject unit is beyond average life expectancy of 15~20yrs
$s would be better spent buying a more economical replacement
properly fitted for lp from the factory

Looks like that’s going to be our only option anyway. Finally got an answer on the BTU’s from an authorized dealer I called but the conversion kits can’t be ordered anymore. Hate to give up on a perfectly good, working furnace but looks like it will be retired. Thanks for the help.

It takes more than changing out the orifices, and LP is not a gas to be messing around with if you don’t have to tools.

You also have to convert the gas valve, adjust the valve for proper ignition and fire rate our you will have a mess on your hands (which is the least of the issues).

This is good advice.

I don’t know where the other posts disappeared to, but we knew all that was involved with changing them out. We had an experienced tech to install them and the gas company in our area used to modify the orifices for a small fee, but they’ve stopped doing it due to some regulations.The kits are no longer available for this furnace to be ordered so it will just be retired. I understand the concern, but it wasn’t just a project for a couple of inexperienced homeowners. :slight_smile:

47,000 btu

Marissa …

Randy is right on. That series was made from 1989 till 1993. Yours is a 1991

Somebody already said it … Leave LP gas conversions to a dealer / hvac contractor, etc. I won’t say NEVER but 99.8% of homeowners are NOT qualified to do this.

Friedrich AC was rolled into Arcoaire in 1987. I was Friedrich’s Main Factory Service Rep in the late 70’s up till 1980. Conversion is NOT a job for homeowners.

By the way thats a REAL small unit. What does it serve.