Propane Forced Air Furnaces

Hi Folks,

I have to take a look at a propane furnace as a favor on Monday, and frankly they are pretty rare in these parts (Halifax area). Normally, I don’t have much to do with propane fireplaces, etc, but you how it is with favors. :roll:
Anybody got any tips for me as to what to look for with regards to correect installation or any red flags? I’d rather be helpful on this one rather than just stand there scratching my head.

I’ve been browsing the web, but any straightforward advice would be appreciated.


It’s 100% identical to a natural gas furnace, with the exception of the fact that the gas valves, orifaces, and operating pressures are different. It is just a gas furnace, and treat is as such.

Steve they are about the same as a natural gas unit.Buy the way I am in Halifax until tomorrow been here since Wed night and noticed you do not have natural gas here at least I have not seen any meters in my travels, just oil tanks and propane. If you have any questions give a call at the Marrot Hotel room 345


Thanks for the info. As I mentioned, it’s no big deal - just going to take a look.
Thank you for the offer, Rob - but that’s alright. Enjoy your visit.


Pretty common in mini homes, as well as some rural homes.

I see you’re local - give me a call if I can help.


Hey Rob - hope you are having a good visit.

If not leaving too early give me a ring for a quick coffee.

In limbo this morning waiting on a call from the delivery room (might be a long day!). Going to induce my wife today, who’s a week overdue.



Congratulations, good health to baby and Mrs. Redfern!

Steve ,
Have one of these units in my cabin in Alberta. Runs and operates just as a regular NG furnace.

Bill thanks for the offer we had the first flight out Sunday so we were at the airport at 730. Congrats on the new family member hope everyone is well.
Had a great time in Halifax lots of bars and different beers to try.

Thanks Raymond. Next time Rob.

Mom and baby doing fine. 9 lb baby boy born Sun eve. Brought them home Tues AM. His sisters (26 month old twins) are still trying to get a handle on him.

I had no sooner offered to go meet for coffee when my wife started having contractions - ended up going without being induced.