Asbestos Licensing....

How does one go about getting a license for inspecting asbestos and is it worth the hassle??

Thanks Mike! Next question…if I had a tile from the home in question where would be the best place to have it tested and how expedient is this process?
Thanks again Mike!!


Your best bet is to do a search for a lab that provides such testing services that is reputable.

They will then advise what you would be required to do for sending in the material and their testing and report delivery time.


Nolan Kienitz

Nolan’s right. You can start with and there are several more in our area where you can drop off a sample, be sure to follow the proper sampling instructions and chain of custody rules as defined in the 1st link I posted or follow the lab’s instructions. Check with them on turnaround and cost.

Thanks again everyone! Mike that’s the place I found on the net so I guess I’m on the right trail :slight_smile: