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I am doing an inspection tommorrow and the client is worried about asbestos in the house. What do you guys tell your clients about asbestos and do you test to see if it really is asbestos?

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Depends on the year of the house. ?

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I don't test for it as a separate license is required in Tx. for that. As for reporting it, it all depends on location.

Popcorn ceilings? I will just tell them it might contain asbestos and to have it tested if they are planning renovations that may include the removal.

Flue pipes? See above, but I will also include a statement that repairpersons should be notified before working on them.

Attic insulation? I will tell them to have it tested so they know for sure and to make sure they warn any repairpersons if they go into the attic.

Roofing shingles, siding, flooring tiles? I tell them to have it tested if they are going to remove it and not to cut it or stick their face down and snort the dust for long periods of time.

I also include links to the EPA website and the Tx. Health Department, as well as a statement that if they are looking for an asbestos free house they are SOL. Well not those words exactly. ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

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The only way to definitively identify asbestos containing material is through laboratory testing.

I recommend that you contact a qualified asbestos abatement contractor to determine the best method to positively determine whether or not the material contains asbestos, determine the best repair method, estimate costs, and perform the necessary repairs or removal.

Contractors may be found by looking in the yellow pages under "Asbestos Abatement"


First don?t panic and walk away from the purchase of a good home, just because it MAY have some asbestos containing material in it. Educate yourself about the asbestos issues.

There are many sources of information available:
The library, the internet, government agencies, and asbestos abatement contractors are a few.

There are two primary methods of dealing with asbestos containing material:
Encapsulation (seal it up in place)
Abatement (removing it)

Remember that asbestos abatement contractors make their living removing asbestos and may have a personal interest in convincing you to remove it.

According to the State of Kentucky?s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, Division for Air Quality web site, there are no regulations on asbestos removal in "residential use homes and apartment buildings having no more than four dwelling units".
Web Site Address: . Look for Asbestos information.

Remember that this issue may come back again when you decide to sell the house.

Educate yourself about asbestos before dealing with this issue.

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