Asbestos Training

Looking through the list of on line courses, I do not see any pertaining to Asbestos. I am looking for a course on awareness and testing.
I found this course appears to be free. Has anyone ever taken this course?
OSHA Asbestos Awareness Training (2 Hour)

** Well I take that back, didn’t click on the register link until just now. Once I did turns out the above course if $45.00.**

and what are the recommendations on Asbestos testing? The one’s I find on the Internet cost in excess of $500.00 for the course that appears to give you a certification. Thanks Ken >

Ken, I have always sent out samples of suspected asbestos material to my local lab.
Unless you are trying to be an asbestos abatement contractor, don’t really see any benefits to further education in handling, containment and remediation.
The act of gathering and removing Lead Based Paint and generating a report of any kind does in fact require a licensing process by the state of California. I would imagine asbestos is a similar process. The distinction being you provide a report which I do not.

I have always charged what the lab charges me and pass the finding report directly on to the client.

Thanks Rick… Yeah, the more I research on the Internet it not worth all the trouble. Appears that in Georgia you even have to to have a license for testing…

"EPA regulations require that individuals performing asbestos surveys and inspections be AHERA Accredited Building Inspectors. "

Looks like some serious fines it you are not licensed.