Asbestos near radiator?

Good afternoon,

After many years of living in newer buildings in the South, I recently moved to Philadephia, PA and rented an apartment in the 95-year old building. My ceiling near radiator area was leaking for some time. Maintenance came to remove damaged ceiling part and left the ceiling to dry for several days, leaving whatever they removed in a brown grocery bag in my apartment. Later they came to fix the ceiling. The radiator, I was told, is steam.

Is it possible that asbestos has been used for insulation near that area (radiator and my ceiling/my above neighbor’s floor area and their leaking radiator?

The management has recently removed asbestos from the basement, so it is present in the building-- I’m just trying to figure out if could have been used near radiators at all.

Also, my building manager said she can’t know with certainty the answer to this question. Is it plausible answer or is this information about buildings that they manage is available somewhere?

Thank you very much for your expert opinion,

Asbestos was commonly used as an insulator for piping, so yes it may be possible. The only way to know for sure would be to have a sample analyzed by an accredited laboratory. As a rule of thumb, if the asbestos containing materials are in good condition, and not physically disturbed, it should not pose a significant health or safety concern.