Is this asbestos?

I recently inspected this building built in 1919. almost all of the boiler piping is wrapped in this stuff, is it asbestos?

Probably but only testing can make sure.

I’d bet on it. Doug

What may be asbestos was visible on the boiler pipes. It appears to be friable, and, if it is asbestos, it may pose a health hazard and require abatement. Recommend having the material tested at a qualified laboratory.

Only way to know “for sure” is testing.

Like the above said, just want to point out my past findings. The ‘caulk-like’ stuff might be just calcium carbonate. It’s the wrap that usually contains the harmful stuff. So treat it all as potentially dangerous until cleared.


Thanks guys,
I will caution buyer. I wish you all could have been there we all could have done seperate reports and not covered all the issues. It is amazing to me that the authorities who are supposed to inspect this business each year have not shut it down for all the issues it has.

I once warned against the possibility of material containing asbestos, and the client said he was sure it was. However it wasn’t the DANGEROUS-kind. Which after asking, I found out that meant the blue-kind, and he wouldn’t budge from his beliefs.


It’s not the Blue kind -X it’s the Red kind that’s dangerous:|__)

Anyway by those pics and doing asbestos removal for a few years, I would surly say that’s asbestos. But I wouldn’t write it down on paper though.

Any idea where he got his info?

On a side note:
Was it the red pill or the blue pill that was dangerous in “The Matrix”?

This stuff is surely asbesto, I would bet on it, Seen removal of that to many times at Loring Air Force Base and that got built in the late 40’s.

But testing is the only the sure thing.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Having played the roll of both lead and asbestos abatement workers, I would have always err on the side of caution. Treat it as dangerous, till told (by a competent lab/etc.) otherwise.


P.S. As for who told him? blue = dangerious? I believe it was the home seller, and since he was honest about there being asbestos, he had to be telling the truth about it being the ‘safe-kind’. :smiley:

Must be something about those AF Bases, Wright Patt and all there hangers, we did a LOT of work out there removing it.:wink:




Send me an e-mail and I will send you some info on asbestos.

Here is the boiler. This was the most complex inspection I Have done to date. Lots of K&T and do it yourself repairs that make our job that much more dificult.boiler.JPG