Asbestos tape on hot air duct joints

Good morning inspectors,
Usually when I see asbestos tape on heat joints, I inform my client that asbestos is present but not harmful unless it is removed unprofessionally or damaged. I suggest covering with regular duct tape. Am I saying the wrong things?
I would like to here some opinions on this.

Alberta Canada

How do you know it is asbestos???

Just advise of the potential danger and inform the client to take action of deterioration is observed during ownership. Give the option for testing if it is a concern to them.

I would note the tape as possibly being asbestos and say that it can only be confirmed by testing a sample. If the “asbestos” tape is not friable, recommend that they leave it alone.

If you put a layer of regular duct tape over it and remove/reposition it, you’ll probably do more damage than if they had left it alone.

In a nutshell, never recommend the type of repair or replacement, just note the situation as you observe it.

Thanks for your input Linas, David and Dwight. You guys are absolutely right about about being certain that it is asbestos,even though it looks like it is.
Thanks again