Asbestos ?

Found this today. Can someone tell me if this is asbestos

Thanks for the help
Skip Storm

My posts keep coming up as a non member. Can someone please help me

Forgot to add picture

Deinleim 11-18-06 056A.JPG

Can not see it but unless it is labled it must be tested to know .
Roy Cooke

Looks like vermiculite (contains asbestos) insulation. Here’s a link

Have it tested. It can look like asbestos but it might not be. Depends on the area of where it was made. I have only had this once and when it was tested, it came back fine. Make sure you collect your sample safely with gloves and a mask and put it in a sealed bag like a ziploc.
That is my 2 cents.

Andy B

Prior to 1990, most had at least trace amounts of asbestos. Like Andy says, have it tested. Around here a test only costs about $30. BTW Skip Storm, you should have been a weatherman with that name (I’m sure you’re not tired of hearing that one yet, huh?).

What did it smell like?


Smells like mesophelioma to me!:-({|=

Looks like Vermiculite. Only a lab test can confirm it for sure!!

It does look like vermiculite, it probably does contain asbestos, and it does need to be tested for definitive answer. Meanwhile, don’t eat it. I ate it when I was young, and I’m still waiting for the results, but you never know when those results might come back from the lab. :margarit:

Based on the granular appearance, it’s almost definitely Vermiculite. Don’t rely on your standards to protect you. Recommend specialist evaluation or risk a lawsuit.

Know whats FUN?? Opening an attic access and having this stuff fall down on your head! NICE!!! I always wear a mask when opeing an old attic access,… AND on newer ones now too,… last week,… brand new home,… opened the attic access (no mask on) and loose fill fiberglass insulation fell down,… not a problem until I inhailed a small puff ball,… was friggin hacking all day! HA!
Be safe out there! Monsters everywhere! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!