Insulation in the attic...Home built in 1929..Need advice

This is what the insulation looked like. Small pea gravel.
Is this vermiculite?


sure looks like it

Good info here:

Thanks everyone for the info.,

That looks like Vermiculite, However I have had two inspections this month that looked just like that, And reported it my report that it may or may not contain asbestos, Both clients had it tested and both times it came back negative. Am i missing something !!!

Here is a few pics of what I saw, Two differant homes.

From reading the article posted by Micheal it sounds like your clients fell into the 30% that wasn`t from the Libby mine. I guess they got lucky!

I heard of where a person had another test done from a different area and found asbestos , so yes I would never say it’s clean.
Remember it came in many bags so it could be hard I think to test the complete attic .