ASHI E-news Letter


Just read this article in the recent ASHIe-newsletter:“Whyhome buyers get home inspections — and why they don’t”.
It’s from an insurance company for inspectors.
Here’s the link:

One of the “solutions” to getting moreinspections – workwith realtors!

I give up!

Roy are you surprised .We all know the 77% using Inspectors most likely will go with Agent recommendations .Now the real question is do marketing gimmicks such as RWS services or badges on websites influence Agent recommendations or the minority that go rogue and hire their own . What percentage are using Inspectors they used before and what percentage are using referrals from friends .Making it more complex is if you cater to Agents they still come and go so you must always market which is exactly what all the third party leech Vendors hope for .Now get really crazy and factor in a changing market where RE Agents are being used less and have less influence .Should I go further and ask if Pre-inspections can ever be a real factor in the future ?

69% of all buyers go with the inspector their Realtor recommends.

Guess that explains why I get so many referrals from attorneys, lenders, etc.

Looking at our book for the past 6 months, it looks like 19% of my business was referrals from other inspectors; 22% was from past client referrals; 34% was from attorneys, lenders, appraisers or code inspectors; 14% found us on the web or saw a media piece on us all on their own; and 11% was from agents.

To me that’s the norm.

130 read this post about ASHI / real estate agents and only 3 seem concerned enough to post about what is happening to out industry .

We did well inspecting but only a small amount came from Real estate agents most from referrals and our advertising .

Client referrals is our number one source. We have alot of agents that use us for their family and friends. Even some agents that value protecting their clients.

Most inspections come from the internet, SEO, and past client referrals.
Some agents refer, but only when clients want the best information.