ASHI past President arrested and in jail

North Carolina State officials have accused ASHI past President John Jerome Palczuk of North Raleigh of posing as a securities dealer for nearly a five-year period, swindling unsuspecting victims out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Palczuk, 60, who lives at 11629 Midlavian Drive near Falls of Neuse Road, has been charged with one felony count of securities fraud, one felony count of sale of unregistered securities and one felony count of being an unregistered securities dealer, according to arrest warrants filed Wednesday at the Wake County Magistrate’s Office.

“The value lost by the investors is greater than $100,000,” John C. Curry, an investigator with the Secretary of State’s office, stated in the arrest warrants.

Palczuk is in custody at the Wake County jail. He is being held under bail of $100,000, according to the warrants.

Source: The News & Observer


Guess he needed the money

Total Judgment Amount


How is there a judgement amount when he was just accused?

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public record 10 yrs ago
bankruptcy next year


Another A-hole living off the expense of others and thinks the world owes him a living.
Hope they throw the key away. Damn crook.


Didn’t know him personally but I hate t when someone abuses our profession. Unfortunately the sanpaku eyes in the photo are a direct giveaway to potential problems. When dealing face to face with someone eyes like this are a clue to be warry.

I agree Joe. Looks like a mug shot after a quick fix.

Card rooms all over Florida are full of these guys, many are willing to contribute to your Average BB / hour rate (reserved for premium hands only). :mask:

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