Nick Gromicko is meeting with Senator Greenleaf

Nick is having a meeting with Senator Greenleaf on January 19th at 10am at a undisclosed location. This meeting is by NACHI invitation ONLY. Please give me a call on my cell phone if you would like to sit in on this meeting (720-244-3421) there are 7 seats open. Joe Farsetta and Dan Keogh are attending as well.
PA members of ASHI and independent inspectors are welcome to attend but I only have 7 seats left, so please call me ASAP.

Is there a local ASHI chapter that would like representation at this meeting?

Again my cell phone is - 720-244-3421

Please note there is no charge for this meeting. You can dress casual but not sloppy :smiley:

I would really like an ASHI rep. to attend.

Dan is a member of ASHI, if I read Nick’s post correctly. Are you seeking someone else?

Yes, Dan doesn’t count as an ASHI rep because he is a friend and former partner of Nick’s.

Attending so far:
Mark Long
Ron Bruno - Tri State ASHI Chapter and maybe another guy from ASHI
Joseph Michalski
Dan Keogh

Joe Farsetta’s seat has opened up because he is teaching a class that day.

I represent myself as; an inspector from an independent multiple inspector firm and an inspector that is a member of the four most active assoc. in the State (ASHI, NAHI, NACHI, ICC).

My opinions are my own. :mrgreen:

I believe I bring a unique point of view that should be considered. :shock:

[FONT=‘Times New Roman’]If you’re looking for good person to sit at the table I recommend Curtis Niles. He is the president of the south east NAHI chapter as well as the vice president of PHIC. Curtis is level headed and well respected in the home inspection community.[/FONT]

Deleted in response to a personal request.

Joseph Hagarty has taken the 6th seat. Please call me ASAP if your are interested in filling the last spot open.

Dee, get the Curtis Niles fella Dan recommends in post #5.

Just a quick correction Curtis Niles is now currently the president of PHIC.:stuck_out_tongue:

And FYI the NAHI membership is very divided on the preferred vendor issue. And I believe that the Southeast chapter of NAHI, which is one of the largest and strongest chapters that NAHI has, issued a position statement opposing preferred vendors. :roll:

Do you have a copy of that position? We should give it to the Senator as evidence that his proposed legislation which prohibits preferred vendor participation is supported by many inspectors in our industry.

Congratulations to them. That is great news!

I think it is more accurate to say that the section of the proposed legislation is supported by many inspectors. There are other significant concerns with the overall bill.

[size=2]We have 2 seats open if anybody is interested in attending. Please give me a call 720-244-3421.[/size]

We just added Joe Ferry, NACHI’s Attorney to the meeting :smiley: </IMG>

Joe Michalski,

The Meeting Today was quite productive.

It is truly unfortunate that you were unable to attend.

So, Joe M could not or did not attend.

No surprise there.

Since he is the one with all the political background, and all… .

And since he is the one who claims that grass roots never works…

And since he is the one crying for help from HQ…

And since he is constasntly harping on the need for “strategic planning”…

It’s absolutely no surprise to me that he was a no show.

I would have expected nothing less from this lip runner.


You are being too kind …


What kills me is that, after all the lip service about how meetings were needed, and how much political experience this guy had, and after being invited, and supposedly wanting to attend, that he’d be a no show.

I’ve always said that it is up to the PA inspectors to mobilize and move forward.

Maybe Joe M not showing up is a blessing in disguise. I’ve always had the feeling that he is a do-nothing. Who knows… maybe the meeting would have required preparation, PLANNING, and an official committmet on his part to do something. Maybe the truth would have come out about him, which clashed with stories he’s been telling.

PA and NACHI inspectors will never know.

BUT, when things pass him by (legislatively), he’ll have no one to blame but himself. He was given a golden opportunity. He blew it. He can still bitch and moan, but who will listen. He had the opportunity to learn, and to affect change.

Instead… nothing.

I enjoyed the meeting and agree with Joe H. that it was very productive. It was great to meet Kim, Mark, and Joe B. in person.:smiley: The senator seamed very interested in our input and receptive to some of our thought and concerns. I look forward to seeing his next draft.

Joe H. thank you for the email today. Ben and I are impressed and grateful. :wink:

Joe M., if you talk the talk you gotta walk the walk brother. :shock: Good luck and I hope to see you at the next one.

I agree with Joe F. ( noth’in but Joe’s on this board) you have to mobilize and move forward. Regardless of the out come on this Bill we stepped up and were heard. There’s a respect that comes from others by doing that, and a sense self satisfaction that comes with participating in the process. :eek:

WAY TO GO US!!:stuck_out_tongue: