ASHI Pushing Missouri 2002

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Thanks for the humorous reminder. SSDY, and the beat goes on. Yet on the other hand, none of them feel the need for a Statewide mandatory building codes and inspections system to make sure at least a few percentage points of completed new construction is safe. Oh no that would be too much of a burden to put on contractors and where on earth could all of those rural counties find someone who was qualified to code inspect, let alone finance them. :roll:

Over the last few years, each attempt has been ratcheted upwards, next year should be a douzie! But of course we all know that in advance


It failed, just like the bill will do that Dirty Harry is pushing with the leaders of the Missouri Asoociation of Realtors now. I think ASHI is ashamed and embarassed of their member Harry. Most members in ASHI and MAR, that I have talked to, do not support this new licensing bill. It looks like Harry might of got MAR **** on his nose for no reason at all.

Cool, this message board will not let me use the word ****. Awesome!

I just realized that we have 3 past NATIONAL Presidents of ASHI that live and work in St. Louis; this Steve McNamee from St. Louis is currently one of ASHI’s 11-13 National Board of Directors; and there are 2 more of ASHI’s National Board of Directors living in Kansas City that teach at Tom Lauhons home inspection training school (Midwest Inspection Training Institute) outside Kansas City in Leavenworth Kansas.

Whats the law of averages on that line-up.

It could be that the more experienced individuals or inspectors just belong to ASHI. Dan, you belong to ASHI for what reason?

Dan, jealousy is a terrible thing. If you don’t like ASHI I would simply quit.

Licensing in MO would be the best thing to happen to the Midwest area of the country. Put everyone on a level playing field and let the battle begin.

I hope your computer does not have virgin ears.
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Tracy -

I’m sorry, but I don’t know whether to address you as a girl or guy since you don’t belong to NACHI and I don’t see a profile - help us out on this.

About 23-24 years ago when I first joined ASHI, there was nothing else.

Many of the most experienced or well qualified inspectors in my area have dropped out of ASHI to join other groups. Real shame.

What part of licensing do you think would put us on a level playing field?

I’m gonna have a heart bypass. Since all doctors are licensed they’re all equal - right. Do I want the sharp licensed doctor kid with 1 surgery and schooling under his belt - OR - do I want the licensed doctor surgeon with schooling and 28 years experience under his belt & never lost a patient?

We’re not gonna be equal ever …

We will, in the mind of the consumer.

Every home inspector in the state…passing the same state criteria…equally competent and equally qualified…with nothing to inquire about except who has the lowest fee.

I don’t know Jimmy. In my area when buyers call me saying their house is moving or heaved 3" and the Builders engineer said don’t worry lets wait a year or so to see if it comes back down. Their attorney has told them they need somebody to throw at the engineer, builder, city, etc and gives them our names as the Head Dragon Slayer - They don’t usually ask how much, just how soon.

And for Dragon Slaying there isn’t a level playing field.