Ask for both sides of the story, before judging!

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Sharondale Academy defends against fraud allegations!

I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I can no longer sit quietly
by, and watch the culmination of nearly forty years of faithful service to
the Canadian public, go down the drain. My personal reputation, and the
hard earned reputation of both my inspection business, and my inspection
training facility has been slandered in a highly visible media.

My name is Harold J. Lowe C.M.I…I own and operate both " Eagle-
Eye Healthy Home Inspections ", and " Sharondale Academy of Arts and
Trades " in the Toronto, Ontario, area, and in the region of Durham. I’m
very proud of my success in both inspecting, and in training! I operate
both businesses with the utmost of integrity.

No student leaves my establishment half trained, with dreams of
quickly becoming a millionaire! Quite the opposite is true. There is
absolutely nothing on my website that could be construed as being
" False advertising " , if taken " in context ". Every word is 100% true
in my opinion, and from my personal experience.

I teach " due dilagence " to my students. They are told over and
over, and over again that unless they take everything they’ve learned
and aggressively apply it , undaunted by slow, or no forward progression,
for weeks, or months; they will never succeed.

On the other hand; if they apply all they’ve learned, and actively,
and aggressively market themselves, and never, never, never, never
give up; they will succeed…Period.

Luck plays a big role in how quickly you move forward in any
business. Making the right connections, getting on the preferred lists,
being able to do lots of presentations, and lots and lots and lots of
good old-fashioned hard work, and door knockin’, go a long way to
bringing financial success to your home inspection business, as well.

As far as Mr. Horton goes; I will not comment at this time, due
to the possibilities of legal action for libel and slander. Enough to say
I have a long list of very happy former students; some of which are
way past the so-called three year lifespan of the average inspector.

Here are two emails from current students, who are very upset
about all the unfounded attacks on my integrity, and my ability to
teach the students in a meaningful way…

April 6, 2008
Re: Harold Lowe ( Sharondale Academy )

To whom it may concern,

Mr. Lowe has been my teacher for the past six weeks.I can
truthfully say that Mr. Lowe is a wonderful teacher,with great
integrity, and extremely dedicated to his job.

He has a light humour that allows you to feel comfortable, in a
safe, and unbiased environment.To others, he is an educator,
but to me, he is a peer who motivates you to succeed.

Therefore, I can say, he is a great teacher!

Yours Truly, Pam Griffith
( Current student )


Hi, Harold!

I am writing this note just to let you know that during my time
spent with you, in this course, not only am I learning how to
become a great home inspector, but also how to be respectful to
any client that might not be so nice. Harold; you are one of the
best teachers I have ever had the priviledge to be taught by, and
I hope to have the priviledge of even working with you in the future.
I will definitely recommend your course to anyone, and
everyone who asks.
Yours truly, Paul Dewling

I think those references speak more than I could ever say in my
own defence.

I am truely sorry Mr. Horton was dissatisfied with the training he
received. He is more than welcome to repeat the course, in the new
format, and with the new curriculum, as long as he is willing to sign
some sort of promise against conspiring to bring dissension into the
class he attends. I will not go through that, ever again!

I have to say how very disappointed I am with those of you who
judged me and my school, without ever asking my side of the story.
I refuse to engage in the childish, and judgemental accusations that
have been lavished on me. I’m above that!

Hopefully, I will not lose too much business over this, but whatever
the case, I will continue to do my very best to raise the standards in
this industry, and help produce the finest inspectors, the industry has
ever seen.

I look forward to meeting some of you, out there, when Nick
comes to my birthday party, on August 14th, 2008. I think he
mentioned something about possibly doing a seminar, while he was
here in Toronto.

This is all I will say on the matter. I will not be drawn into any
mud slinging contests by any of the mouthpieces out there.

By the way; I’m a C.M.I. because I darn well earned it!

Harold J. Lowe C.M.I…

… and proud of it.

Right on, Mr. Lowe.

HI Training was for the birds (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 )

Thanks Harold.

In your opinion how many home inspection schools charge $3600.00?

In an area where such schooling is voluntary (not mandated by an ASHI state licensing law), I would think that the ability to demand and to get $3600 tuition speaks highly of the quality of the education that is being provided.

There are probably not too many schools able to do that. If there were, somebody is not charging enough.

The home inspection school Mississippi required me to attend was ASHI certified and it was $500.00 and I got a free flashlight, binoculars, outlet tester, a mirror with an extension, wire gage tester, and $50 off an ASHI membership coupon.

I did get my licensing, chose NACHI over ASHI because the NACHI web site was full of free help you get started and stay running information;-)

Something tells me that if the home inspection school you went to in Mississippi could convince people it was good enough to charge a $3600 tuition, it would.

Just as licensing brings down HI fees, it also brings down tuition, since the law fills the seats. In a licensed state, all one has to do is look for and do the minimum…and become equally qualified with all the other license holders.

In unlicensed areas, such as the area where this school is located, competition and quality determine prices. People are not attending just to fill a square and get a license. They are there to acquire a skill and if they feel they are getting their money’s worth, they spread the word.

In this case, one person voiced his displeasure. In response, three others remarked as to the value of the education. If that ratio continues to hold, the school should do quite well.

I am always rooting for the higher fee. Please forgive me. I hate to envision a world filled with nothing but Walmarts.

If you offer something at a price that is known in advance, and people pay it, it cannot be considered a rip off. More power to you Harold, charge $10,000 if they will pay it, don’t charge according to what the lowest charge. Not everyone here thinks you are guilty until proven innocent. Be well, Ken

Have a look at some claims from Mr. Lowes ads or website:

[size=3][size=3][size=3]If you shop around, you will see that this quality and quantity of training would cost you anywhere from $8,000.00 to $12,000.00, and take up to 2 or even 3 years to accomplish in the broken up, segmental type training most colleges provide.[/size][/size][/size]
[size=3]We offer all this training, including manual, and a beautiful graduation diploma, AND a one year paid membership in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors for the low, low price of $3,987.70 . You can start earning money while you learn! One of our students made over $7,000.00 in home inspections before he finished the course! $1,800.00 in one busy weekend!
*[size=3]Think about it … You can charge anywhere from $300.(low) to $650. or more, for each inspection, which takes, on average, about 3-4 hrs. to complete. If you do only one a day at the lowest price; that still works out to $1,250.00 a week![/size]
[size=3]Let us show you how you can make a six figure income in as little as two to three years or less, by giving exceptional service and applying certain marketing secrets we can share with you! *[/size][/size]
Looks like most of the people on this MB should take Mr. Lowes course. How many on this MB, clear $100,000 per year in the HI business???

Poor Newbies…Lambs to a slaughter…Nick loves it!!! More wide-eyed members to keep the rolls filled and get few spins on the merry-go-round before they have to jump off!!!

Mr. MacNeish,

Other than free enterprise and capitalism, are there any other things you would end if you had the power?

I was looking for a new camera this week, I wanted the Sony DSC-S780
But I wanted to turn it on and use the zoom feature and scroll the other features before I was to buy.

I went to Best Buy first, the battery was dead and all they had were these young sissy boys who had no clue how to help, I went to Circuit City and the battery was dead on their display and the girl was really trying to help but was not trained and the dept. manager could not be found. I went to Office Depot and no one was around to help and they had one cash register open but the attended was busy helping someone find ink. I went to Office Max and the battery was dead and the store manager could not find a good battery and just said oh well if you don’t like it you can bring it back. I went to Target and they were sold out but the display was broken anyway.

Well guess were I went then? Yea thats right Wal-Mart it was $3.00 bucks cheaper the display worked, it was in stock, and the woman new all about it and showed me every feature the camera had.

Jim I can only envision a world full of Wal-Marts because they keep the other guy honest.

Probably just his freedom loving subjects Jim.:frowning:

Competition is good. Cheaper, however, is not always better. Would you agree?


There have been several times when I went to an nonNACHI education event where the flashlight seemed be the most valueable thing I recieved from the class. Has anybody else ever had that experience?

You seem to forget, James, I operate in an unregulated jurisdiction against 25-35+ other HI’s in a city of 350,000… no gov’t pensions, subsidies/grants…isn’t that free enterprise???

It must be miserable for you.

Don’t think so, JB.

I see that you post twice as much as I do? Does that mean you only get 1/2 the # of inspections and have all that “off” time to sit in front of the computer?

Oh, my. You Marxists get so upset when you are shown to be wrong.

I do very well as an inspector. Thanks for your concern, though.

As a NACHI member Jims helps many inspectors in the members only section. Over the years I have learned a lot from his many posts.

Please do not insult him further.