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Thats a 10 pack.

Well that takes a little hurt out of it.

but only a little. $5 is still huge compared to 3 months ago. I guess it is what it is at this point though.

My wife paid $25 for 3 cloth masks. At least you got 5 for that. LOL

And they are washable… :wink:

My bride made some out of handkerchiefs with the large cloth stretchy hair ties and we wash them after going grocery shopping, etc. They work great unless you wear glasses when it is cold out. The glasses get fogged when you enter a warmer location for a couple minutes…no biggy…I mean, it is not like we are in a hurry. :grin:

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We’ve done similar with bandanas. Reminds me of my teenage years wearing them for head bands.
Luckily no glasses, didn’t think about that problem.

I spent 6 hours today doing an IR scan of an industrial manufacturing plant with a mandatory mask and glasses. I would say 90% of the time my glasses were like looking through frosted glass.

I bet that was a pain.

Just annoying. I constantly found myself pulling my mask down and touching my face. It was like the exact opposite of what they were trying to do. My electrician had a bandanna and kept it around his neck 95% of the time. He did wear it when we were close or he was close to other employees of the facility.

Hello I am just licensed in VA and wonder how to get some leads through interNichi. It looks like interNachi does send leads to members, correct? Thank you!

Smoke detectors…to test or not to test? I used to test them then was informed it could give a false security. Now I recommend testing all alarms as soon as occupancy. I am not crazy about this and would like a definite way to handle it.

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Thanks for the link, I placed an order This Morning.
I didn’t think that the N95 were available yet to the general public.

Kevy those are KN95, not N95.
They look fine but not tested/approved here. Made in China.

I have asked privately, now I will ask publicly, why doesn’t InterNACHI post my VETERAN & CONTRACTOR logos on my info page? As a vet I find this offensive, if anything you should have special logos for each branch, how about you guys get behind the vets. I am sure people looking at our info would feel more comfortable dealing with a vet vs. a non vet! SEMPER FI

Nothing to be truly offended about.

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hello i am not an home inspection yet but I have been a firefighter for the past 12 years.
for me when I be come a home inspection I will be recommend to replacing all smoke detectors even if they’re present and working fine Cant tell you how many times I went to fatal fire because of smoke detectors were not there or working properly. Its a very small price for peace of mind, I will be telling my clients that. hope this helps you


Hey Mike, try these. I use the wipes, but these also comes in a spray.

Hi Julie, I test them, but you have to be sure they are not hard wired into an alarm system. You do not want the fire department showing up! Also, since usually you cannot determine the age without taking it down and looking at the back, you may want to recommend replacement. I have some boilerplate in may reports stating that.

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What method do you use to test them, a smoke pen?