Updated Transcript; Feedback Requested

Hey everyone,

I just updated the InterNACHI transcript widget. Can y’all take a look at your transcript (link below) and let me know if you see any errors on it?

The main reason people have missing information on their transcript is that they took a course with a non-member account. You can transfer credits from your non-member account to your InterNACHI account by going to: http://www.nachi.org/transfer-account.htm

We also see issues because the data is stored on multiple servers in multiple data centers, so things aren’t always 100% synced. I’ve tried to address most of those issues with this latest update, so hopefully we won’t see many issues.

Check your transcript out at (username/password required):



Mine is correct. Thanks

So is mine. I like it. Thanks Chris.

I’m missing a course that I was pretty sure I had taken, but it’s not in my log either. I’ll need to check my email and certificate file.

If I might suggest an enhancement: link the course titles back to the courses so that we can access the course summary or take the course directly when viewing the transcript, especially for courses “not taken” and “upcoming”. We could use it as a NACHI education dashboard.


Chuck—check your records and email me if it looks like it’s missing something.

As for a link back to the course: the reason we’re not doing this is because the transcript is something you can embed on your site, and we don’t want your clients accidentally leaving your site because they clicked a link to one of our courses.

I don’t have a copy of the certificate, either digitally or printed. Apparently I only completed the deck course in my head. Is remembering things that didn’t happen worse than forgetting things that did?

I can understand the navigation issue when it’s used on inspector’s sites. The same concept would make a great dashboard for inspectors to track and plan training though.

We definitely plan on adding a members-only version of the transcript that will do just that.

Wow. pretty damn neat…good job