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Hello everyone,

We’re going to do an experiment this Friday from 11am-noon EST. A handful of InterNACHI staff members are going to hop on a video call and try to answer your questions live. It’ll be a pretty informal event—we’re all working from home and have kids/pets/etc to contend with—but we hope it’ll be an interesting event for everyone.

Watch the recording on YouTube (the live broadcast is over)

In the meantime, post your questions below. We’re going to intentionally not answer anything now and leave it all for the live event. Questions can be technical or business-related, but they can also be more casual, like “what are you looking forward to after social distancing is over?”

This is a bit of an experiment. If there’s any guarantee with things that are live and online, it is that something is likely to go wrong :slight_smile: — but we’ll do our best to make it fun, interesting, and informative.

See y’all in a few days!



Hello Adam here I am a new member from Alberta Canada Im trying to start my certification course but I am a bit confused as to where to start. Could I get a bit of assistance please.


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When you quote someone in the forum in a response, why doesn’t it work half the time?

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It’s a bug. It’s there for a split second, then disappears and shows that you’ve made an edit when you did not.

I’ve gotten in the habit of copying all the text (quote & my response) and when it happens, I hit edit and paste it all and save.

Pain in the ass, hope someone fixes it.

It’s not a bug. its a bot. If you quote the whole post the bot removes the quote as you could have simply hit reply, hence it shows an edit. If you highlight and selectively quote a post it will show that in the quote box. It is a built in feature of the forum software.

I just add a period or remove one of multiple exclamation marks, etc. And, that seems to work well, for me.

Like now, I just removed Michael’s period after software.

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Hmmm, I quoted Marcel’s whole post and it didn’t happen that time.

I wonder if it has to do with the length of the post. I know everything imaginable about the old software vbulletin but like Nachi I moved a board to Discourse and don’t know as much about this software.
I know that you can interact with the bot that has deleted posts.
@discobot display help

EDIT: I quoted your entire post and discobot deleted the quoted section.

I currently know how to do the following things:

@discobot start {name-of-tutorial}

Starts an interactive tutorial. {name-of-tutorial} can be one of: tutorial, advanced tutorial.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 6

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. — Edmond Rostand

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

@discobot don’t delete my quotes

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I’ll be there! :grinning:

I will try very hard to attend.


Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of PPE and Disinfectant at retail stores across the nation, I was wondering if InterNACHI had a resource to get in touch with suppliers that can provide access to PPE and Disinfectants to help protect my staff members and clients?

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Hey Marcel,
It happens like 90 percent of the time for me.
What I do is after I click on “reply” to post the post, and see it didn’t add the quote, I click on the pencil icon to “edit” my post, then click on the “quote whole post” icon in the upper LH corner of the edit box. It usually works the second time, although there have been times where I’ve had to re-do it a couple times to get it to stick.

Not speaking for NACHI but I’ve found that eBay has had pretty much everything I needed, just be on the look-out for price gougers and always be sure to check the sellers reputation.

Amazon on the other hand has been sold out of these sort of things when I was looking.

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As for masks, I have a decent supplier. The link is for their minimum order. You can spend a whole lot of $$ on more if you need them. They are in stock currently. I have ordered other material from these guys but not the masks. Just got an email the other day from them regarding masks so I figured I would share.

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$50 for one mask? Man, I have 10 N95’s in my shop, I should sell them.

Clothes Washing Machines - To GFCI or to Not GFCI? That is the question.

Chris, thank and I will be attending Friday.

I am trying to get one question answered that I can incorporate into our multi-inspector firm’s Policy’s & Procedures. That question is…Are clothes washers required to be on a GFCI receptacle?
I have read varying opinions on this and all opinions, of course, are polar opposites. The code reads that GFCI receptacles are required in “laundry areas”. Since the washing machine is in the "laundry area I would assume the answer to the question is YES. However, the code does not clearly reference “washing machines”. Unlike GFCIs for dishwashers in a kitchen which is very clear.
Don Guenette
JDB Property Inspectors LLC.

Thanks Kevin. I have the same problem also with quotes, so I’ll try your solution. :smile: