Ask me anything about inspecting septic systems...

At the end of October I’ll be starting a series of interviews with a few people with major knowledge about private wastewater treatment plants (septic systems) for a video. This video will be included with the many other Internachi videos under the NACHI.TV subscription.

My first interviewee started his career with a degree in chemical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and was trained over the next 25 years in commercial and industrial wastewater treatment consultation by GE. He travels all over the world advising global corporations involved in the energy industry… power companies, oil companies, etc. about wastewater quality, but he’s a local… a down to earth guy who knows a lot about residential systems… all kinds of systems… and is willing to talk specifics about what inspectors can and can’t do to inspect them.

I’ll have a few more interviewees, too…

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and bad information out there about inspecting septic systems. A bad deal, since they can be one of the most expensive systems in the home to replace and most of the components are underground- invisible, so their inspection carries a lot of liability.

Get the straight skinny. Post detailed questions on this thread and I’ll ask them for you.

Does Mr Hanky appear in homes with septic tanks or only those on sewer? :mrgreen:

I think the use and appearance of Mr. Hanky is more a personal thing. I don’t intend to ask this guy that kind of question. I’d elaborate, but that would be thread hijacking. Try Google, Stephen.

Every inspector should check with the local authorities to see if they are allowed to inspect septic systems. In Florida a home inspector is not permitted to inspect them.

Are septic system “energizers” of any use?

Should a garbage disposal be used if you have a septic system?

Does a leech field “repair” itself if left unused for a period of time?

Can wash water and dish machine water overload a septic system?

1.Are dye test accurate way of testing a septic tank that has not been in use for more than 3 months, if not what is suggested .
2. Adding chemicals to septic systems really work to help reduce solids.
3. What is the rule of thumb ( 2 bathrooms ) run of drainage pipe.
4. How often should be tanks be Pumped out Based on occupancy
5. Now here is one why shouldn’t you have a disposal on a septic system .
6, What would the recommend distance from a body of water like a river or creek for a system .
7. Typical distance for a well head from a system
8. Should you use harsh chemical that contain acids for cleaning
9. What ply of paper is suggested.
10. Should a tank be pumped and checked with a purchase of a home.

Just thinking if you are putting something together Kenton
Some of these questions are what we get asked all the time.

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Septic system disposals are now on the market…

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Ya…let’s get right down to the nitty gritty of poop happenings…

What about the drain fields that have the black perforated leach pipe. How can they be inspected?

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Thank you Mike, Linus and Russell. I’ll be asking those questions. Basic questions are good.

We’ll also be talking about dye tests, and whether or not the tank should be pumped before inspection, the components that should be inspected, how to evaluate underground, invisible components, how to address inspection of the many types of systems inspectors may see, some very complicated, and how best to protect yourself and your client in getting a system inspected that might cost $30,000 to replace.

Kenton what do you say when the septic is being pumped and all go down for a look, the selling agent, the buyers agent, the buyer and the home inspector .

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