Septic Systems

Ok so the house I am inspecting on Friday has a septic system. This is my first inspection that has a septic system. I will be taking the NACHI course and I plan on being a ****ing septic expert by Friday. If anyone has any general advice or tips that I might not learn from the course please tell me.

Do not use your hand as a dip stick.:slight_smile:

That is a separate service to refer for me so no help here.

So you don’t inspect the system at all??

Nope, and unless driving to the sticks never see them.If I do there a guys for that.

Yeah I have never seen one yet. I still want to be knowledgeable about them and one day in the future I would like to be licensed to inspect them as well. I want to be a full service company with many employees.

check out my site and feel free to call me, I’ll help out anyway I can

Juan, there’s a ton of info here. Different designs, what to inspect, what to look for, home owners inspection, etc.

I know enough about them to refer them out. I inspect the plumbing system up until it goes through the basement wall.

Thanks Peter! So you do home inspections and septic inspections? Did you do any specific training for septic systems?

Thanks Chris I will read those too. Thanks Dokeefe. Apparently this is not something home inspectors worry about and I am going to inform my clients that they need a licensed septic contractor to do a full inspection but I do not want to be oblivious to the system. I think as home inspectors it is our duty to continue to learn about every aspect of every home that we can and attain as many related licenses as we can to better our business.

Yes to both.
I am a certified evaluator and I took INACHIs course which is very good.
Over 60% of the homes sold in my area are on well and septic.

Well most of the homes I inspect are in or near urban areas so there arent too many wells or septic systems in my area of service but I would still like to get licensed in it within the next five years. What was the training program you used.

I took the evaluators course offered here in NH and INACHIs.

Septic Works quit putting your link in your posts…duh!

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