Asphalt primer sealing ABS vent pipe

I’m at inspection right now and I’m on the low sloped roof. I noticed a gooey substance around the ABS vent pipe. Then I found a can of asphalt spray primer in the gutter. My gut is telling me this is a defect. In my searches it is to be used as a primer for adhesion. Can’t find anything about sealing around vent pipes.

You don’t, you use the proper boot flashing for the type of roof and membrane.

Plastic Cement Sealant. PLASTIC CEMENT is a asphalt mastic that forms a tough, flexible, water-resistant coating.

its actually roof cement. they used the primer to spray on the pipe so the cement will stick.

@mcyr has it right. Heavy layers of sealant and no visible boot flashing is a concern and may be prone to leaking. I would write it up as such.

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