Atlanta two day class

Just returned to Tuscaloosa, Al. from a two day class with Gerry Beaumont sponered by Porter-Valley Software. It was on Manufactured and Modular homes and electrical on the first day. The second day was on comercial inspections and comercial inspection report writing with the Porter-Valley software. It was very good and informative. There were NACHI caps and tee shirts for everyone and lots of great fellowship with other members.
Let’s have more of these. Oh yeah there was no cost to attendees.
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I agree with your summary of the 2 day class over the past weekend in Atlanta. Gerry Beaumont of “Gerry Beaumont Property Consultants” was particularly good at what he does. He was informative, organized, conversational and open to Q & A throughout both days.
Lorne Steiner with Porter Valley Software was also great in filling in the blanks and showing us the new software package for Commercial Inspections. I’m Sold, and watching him go through the paces, it looks like it will be very user friendly. He also showed me the Residential program for the first time and I’m budgeting for that one as well.
I also want to thank Lorne for sponsoring this event. It was well worth the time I spent in these classes, even with having to do an inspection late Friday afternoon, after the 1st day of class.
I hope more class/seminars are forthcoming from Gerry. His style of presenting is conducive to learning and understanding the subject matter, and I can’t see anyone falling asleep or saying they got bored.