ICC Boot Camp

I just back from Greg and Joe’s ICC boot camp. I have to say it is a great class and they both have done very well to keep it interesting and fun.
Anyone thinking about taking the ICC test should go to there class it is worth every penny.
They have set up some great follow up ideas for people who take the class to help with passing the test.

Well Done to you both:mrgreen:

Carl hows business?

Very good thanks Gary, I have 19 inspections this month. What about you

Slower then last month. Would figure since I am on nights now and have my days free now.


Excellent. What a great class and great for everyone who takes advantage and actually gets ICC certified.

I firmly believe that ICC is the way of the future for home inspectors entering the new construction profession here in Florida as we move forward.

While I know some contractors are becoming more lenient to letting us on because of the slowing market, I believe many were looking into letting only licensed contractors or code certified inspectors on their sites in an attempt to further restrict us.

We are only touching the tip of the iceberg with the new construction industry and the amount of business that is available. If every inspector was to get educated and trained, commit to educating the public and the real estate professionals, we would be doing more new construction inspections than resale home inspections in our industry.

The new construction market would dwarf the resale market if we all would get marketing the service correctly and collaboratively.

I have spent 3 hours this week reading up on energy efficient building in Florida and the energy star systems. It’s a constant reading and learning cycle no matter what lever we are at. But is all fun.

Keep up the new construction education now that you have time and get your ICC certification over with. You wont regret it.

Good luck



We all have gone around the icc parking-lot before -

So how are you as a multi inspection company and a franchiser going to adress these issues with in your own company?

Remember that it is not required by law and the software that your company is markinting does solve the problem.

Trust me I think you have solved the problem with software and the your posting about icc testing is not understood in light of that software.

Do we get the education and take the tests or do we use your software with a little bit of education (which probably puts us 3 feet above the local BI) ??

Your post needs some some clarification


Hi Carl,

Thanks for attending our first Boot Camp. I also appreciate your kind words. Now start studying and follow through with taking your tests.

Good Luck

Same here - I learned a LOT in the ICC boot camp. The class gave me the tools I needed. I’ll be scheduling my tests pretty soon. You and Joe did a great job, and for the first event, it went very smoothly. I would encourage everyone to attend. And thanks to Nick for the door prize tuition. That made it even better!

Kudos to both Greg and Joe
The class was excellent as expected, despite the naysayers that think we are going to take all of their business away.:smiley:

Knowledge is power not a liability.



enjoyed the class today

learned how to procede with icc certification


Hi to all,

Gerg and Joe, Kudos gentlemen, I have had no less that 4 calls from students of your class today saying what a great job that you guys have done in your sessions this weekend.

NACHI should always support its members who bring new knowledge and skills to our members, encouraging them to expand their knowledge base and their potential business base.

Congrats =D>=D>=D>=D>


Hi Everyone,

Boy what a weekend it was. The boot camp was a bigger success than what we anticipated. While Joe and I really appreciate all of your comments we could not have done it without you. The real congratulations goes out to all of you that attended this weekend. Your attendance really says a lot about you and about NACHI. NACHI members really have a desire to learn and advance themselves in this profession. Joe and I are very proud of all of you. Here are a few photos from this weekend.






ICC Boot Camp.JPG


I’m glad you benefitted from it Andrew! I wish I could have gone, but it wasn’t practical. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Lets assume that I and some of the rest of us are wrong on the subject of ICC – so we should not throw cold water on the people that think otherwise but we have and that is wrong

Now is the time to back off and see if ICC is going to be the new wave with HI’s

Standing by


I was honored today to meet the first NACHI Member. He said that he and Nick went back a long ways.

Was it Bill Turtle?

Nick, what is the plus sign after your name on the who’s online list?

Hi Nick,

Yes sir it was. He is a very nice person.

Looks and sounds like you had a good class Greg.

I’m going to stop and see you guys after your Tampa class…I don’t have time to spend the day there but I’d like to.