This was found on an inspection. This is one of the support beams for a deck. As you can see, one of the joist is cracked, should this be called out?
Also, the attachment of the post, screwed into the joist, is this correct? The deck was very sound, structurally.

the post should be notched on both sides to accept the outer band joists.

simply toenailing ( with a screw ) does nothing to prevent lateral movement.

wish i had an illustration, but i’m sure someone will come along with one.

harry homeowner install

That’s more than “cracked”…it looks more like “eaten away”. It appears to have been sistered. It’s hard to understand exactly what’s happening at that post. There appears to be a double member meeting a double member. There appears to be a notch in at least one member. There should be a post cap on top of the post to connect the girder, but then how can the double joist be connected in the same place…there would need to be a joist hanger. Whatever is going on there, it’s a bit of a mess.