Quick question about a deck

I have an inspection coming up in two days and saw this picture on the listing. Whats going on here with the double stacked rim joist / joist to beam connection? This is the only picture I have at this time, just trying to do homework before the inspection and thought it was odd…

First issue is, there is no photo to look at :laughing:

that is a problem, lol, I’ll get on that…


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That is definitely unconventional. It does not follow any modern building practice.
Here are a few other problems

  1. Horizontal guard
  2. No lateral bracing
  3. Post not centered
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Thanks Brian,

That’s what I was thinking, still trying to figure out why its done this way. The beam being unpainted seems to have been added after? a bad repair maybe?

Above your left diagonal line you can kinda see a short brace… also looks like there is a stacked beam on the left and missing from the right?

Looks like possibly an amateurish repair/replacement/alteration to the original design.

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Who knows why people do things. When you get there, you will find more. You can just lump it into one narrative and call for repairs/corrections.

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I would be concerned with the beam having a proper connection to the posts preventing it from rolling, among other issues.


Hard to tell from the one picture but basically many of us are used to seeing the joists cantilevered past the beam somewhat when this construction method is used. The only difference here is that the joists do not appear to be cantilevered past the beam. This by itself is not a deficiency, but as others have noted there are other issues.

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Yes, many issues for sure. The picture appears to be cut off on the left side, and looking at the railing, it looks like there’s a third post or at least there should be. Definitely need to get a good look at the post beam connection when you are there.

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One of my comments:
Limited framing support was observed. While no immediate concern was noted, today’s construction would require larger / additional framing.


also all the ledger bolts and inline with each other, can cause splitting of the wood.

@wjones18 that is a good graphic. It is exactly what I sometimes see in the field.

few more pics here from the inspection itself

Kinda looks like they cut the posts to short then tried to make up for it with another beam. Rest of deck is same colour.

Now I am concerned about the actual rim band attachment to the lower beam. I think your rolling statement is legit!

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It just keeps on giving. Not exterior rated fasteners.


Jeez, ye guys are deal-killers. :grinning:


I have seen this situation before where the homeowner removed the center post and installed a beam to take the place of the center post, Well, Over time the footings heaved inward pushing the post out of plumb rolling the beam in the opposite direction.