Joists on posts

Deck joists on posts, isn’t there supposed to be some kind of brackets or notching and bolts. I’ve seen a few where they are just toe-nailed in.

Others may chime in but I look for the joists to be wrapped around the post and bolted through, or on top with a bracket.

Joist hangers should also be used at the ledger board and that should be flashed, hardly ever is.

I’d suggest further evaluation by a qualified contractor for repair or replacement as necessary.

Decks are always a concern.


I agree. Decks are a concern because they are not supported a strong as most other structures.

Too often I have seen them attached to the house at the house wall…

with nails…

into the wall studs…

Actually those look like 3- 2x6’s nailed together.
Looks like the joists are hangered to a double band joist.

Do you have more pictures… your close up does not give an accurate
perception… also, wrapping ACQ with aluminum is not recommended without
having a barrier of some sort.

I have seen them like this before…I would take into consideration the height myself.

more pictures, more pictures


Pictures 1 and 2 are ledger board against house, that’s what joists are hanging on. Unable to see any attachments to house, no bolts not even nails unless there behind hanger straps. Picture 3 is corner opposite from corner post. Pic 4 looking for footing plus soil contact. I forgot what pic 5 is, oh ya this joist is attached to house but it runs parallel with other joists and attaches to ledger board with no visible attachment to house. It’s like they reversed the joists and attached them to wrong ledger board. Enjoy the pics, I’ll check back later. Hope it makes sense to you.
p.s. you can walk under deck, six feet maybe

This may help.

Post & beam attachment.jpg