Attention: ALL Home Inspectors


My wife and several of her business associates are near completion of what is planned to be a very popular value based ‘For Sale By Owner’ web site - The site is brand new but a massive link building project is under way

All inspectors are encouraged to sign up and add your company to the FREE professional service directory for their business. There will never be a fee and you will not receive email from the company. This is a complete home related services directory, so if you have more than one business feel free to add.

You are allowed a text description with an active link to your site - no graphics. A link back is appreciated but not required.

After you sign up, go to ‘Find A Service’ on the navigation bar and view your listing. Remember, this will always be a free service.

Any spam will copied and promptly reported to Google where they will ban your site from the Internet permanently.

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

Thanks Erol.

Thank You!

Your all welcome!

It will take time but you will found. The internal links project will consist of 5,000 per year, every year.

Very nice, tell your wife and everyone thank you!

I tried to sign up twice and it didn’t do anything. I also went to Frank’s link and a “cannot display page” prompt came up.

Are you using this page to sign up and completing the form?

I signed up a few minutes and had no problem. Search Home Inspections, Schaumburg and 60194.

It works as I described, but I’ll suggest it be tweaked to find inspecors by city or zip. Right now it requires all data.

Erol…Microsoft will not open the page unless everyone has the phishing filter Off in internet options, it says your site cannot be authenticated.

Thanks Erol, I will add your link to my “Links” pages as well.

Thank You !

It won’t allow Canadian provinces

I tried but my email address is to long.

It appears that for some it is working now.

1 results found Clear View Home Inspection,LLCP.O. Box 2205Westerville, OH 42086(614) 332-3987

They are checking into some of the other glitches.

Paul, the enitre site is intended for FSBO in the US States. It would not be practical to have a services directory for Canadian tradespeople/contractors if they’re not listing Canadian real estate for sale.

Thanks Erol! I’m up but am listed twice:D Two is better than none. right?!
Thanks again!

Robert if you remeber your user and password :sarcasm: :cool: you can edit any part of your listing.


How about allowing longer buisness names?
but other than that thanks for the link, you will be added to mine soon.

Thanks, that is very nice of your wife. I will be adding a link to her site.

I got listed however,when I click on my link I get “this page cannot be displayed”. Same thing when I click on Frank Carrio’s link.???

Bruce 2 days all glitches will be fixed with more text space.

Linas I can find you easily. They are checking on the problem.