Attention Inspecton Industry Vendors: Use InterNACHI's Superior Product/Service seals

So, are all the inspector-members that are NOT vendor-members that use these “Seals” on their website and in their marketing campaigns going to be penalized???

No (if they are members).

I notice that you revised this page and deleted the former acknowledgment/requirement that a vendor using these seals agree that inspectors may post their dissatisfaction with the product or service on the NACHI message board and that the vendor will respond.

Is this to accommodate the dishonest and unethical vendor who removed his seal from his website when a notice of this clause was published?

I also noticed that the NACHI Vendor Ad Policy which he violated has been removed. Will he be rewriting a page to replace it?

Then you need to fix this…

And another loophole opens for vendors… don’t join as a vendor member. Join as a regular member and use any logo/seal you want, with no other requirements!!!

Members can already post their dissatisfaction with any product or service without vendor consent. The vendor can respond or ignore. The Product and Service seals also now require vendors to abide by

It’s all becoming integrated.

LOL. Right. :wink:

How soon will the alarm systems contractors be signing off on the new NACHI Vendor Ad Policy?

Not according to you…

Nothing is without loopholes if you try to find them. We’d act on that unlikely scenario.

I’ve just been corrected by our Membership Department. Most vendors did not join as vendors because we only recently released a vendor application when we released the Vendor Code of Ethics. So technically, it is not the “wild scenario” I described it as. My bad.

Therefore, InterNACHI reserves the right to deem any member selling inspection products and services as a vendor regardless of what application they used to join.

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Thanks for your help on this. I didn’t think of it.

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He’s been down to the ol’ folks home playing pinochle .
No advice from him.

If you are asking if I see these “Seals” on NON-vendor websites… yes… all the time. The ironic thing is, lately, the majority of them have been inspector sites that utilize your services! I wonder perhaps if that is due to advice from you and/or your book. :-k


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