Attention: Nachi, Ben or Nick Gromicko

Received a call yesterday in regards to SEO. Gentlemen referenced Nachi, Ben & Nick. Per (Nachi, Ben and Nick) direction hes contacting all Home Inspectors to help with marketing and SEO. Is this factual? I just want to make sure its a legit call. Call was out of Gastoni, NC

Any feedback would be great.

Whether it’s true or not, don’t take it to mean that the vendor of been vetted and is proven.

Lots of vendors “claim” to be working with InterNACHI, Nick, Ben etc.

Most of them are either flat out lying or at least stretching the truth.

What they mean by “working with” is they once google mapped where InterNACHI is, wrote an email to Nick, and offered to buy Ben a coffee if they ever crossed paths.

And because Nick always nice to vendors, they just assume because he didn’t tell them to bleep off, that must mean he has endorsed them to call every inspector who’s phone number they can find.

But I’ve been to InterNACHI HQ in Boulder, and I didn’t see any vendors sitting at desks working with anyone on the InterNACHI staff.

Nope, not us.

Just got the message from 443-633-0160 from Avi referred by InterNACHI to do a web site. FYI

nothing but a bunch of scammers!
Used to get at least three calls a week from these schitt heads saying they would get my company on the first page of google for $$$/month.
Just bullschitt!


Thanks everyone for feedback.

I got the same call around that date.