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Due to recent problems with the delivery of Home Savvy E-Zine, Nick asked me to post this:

Nick Gromicko
Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
Executive Director, Master Inspector Certification Board, (CMI)
Co-host, NACHI.TV
Executive Director, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2)
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From: linas dapkus
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 10:24 AM
Subject: InterNACHI

I am one of many members who subscribe to HomeSavvy E-zine which is offered by Robert Humphries who in a InterNACHI member. He did not deliver his online magazine this month and is not responding to e-mails or voice mails sent to his business. I have requested a $360 refund for an automatic charge to my credit card for an additional yearly subscription. I get no response from Robert or his staff. He has stolen $360 and doesn’t seem to care.

grabs pitchfork

Count me as someone who never liked or trusted that guy, sorry for your loss.

****, I’m in the same boat.

I’ll give him a week or so, and then do the same as you Linas, contacting my credit card company, since I have a recent renewal from his company on my last statement.

thanks for the update…Keep us posted if you hear different.

HMMM samething happen to me with…good thing my credit card company is on their tails.

I e-mailed hime today. No Response. Robert where are you?

Didn’t he have a death in the family some time ago? Perhaps he’s out of town again attending to personal business, hopefully he’s alright.

He is not a 1 man show. He’s a con artist. 1 month of no responses to numerous clients and no delivery of services = scumbag.

Wasn"t he having these kind of problems with the web hosting last year.

If he is, he could atleast let all his subscribers know about it. Every month it is later and later, we have now lost 1 month of service. I demand a refund or credit. What does everyone else think?

I went through this about a year ago. I contacted my credit card and told them anymore charges would be unauthorized.

Ditto here,
I sent an email about Oct 18th and again last week- no response. I guess I have to cancel the subscription through my CC too. It’s sad when things like this happen.