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Hi, is Nachi doing the work?

No. I have two professional webmasters that I’ve worked with for years. I’m going to have them compete with each other. I’m giving the one who does the best work a regularly-issued bonus and let them feed off each other to make the sites they build for our members better and better. Let them try to outdo each other. I don’t care who loses… members win. I’m tired of seeing members with websites that don’t sell or even unsell.

Thank you Nick.

I have been trying to find a good webmaster for sometime now. My site needs a complete redo. Hopefully they work with more than one person in an area.

I filled out the form on Tuesday, no reply yet.

Filled out the fields and submitted the questionnaire. Make me a superstar! lol

We’ll get in touch with everyone by Friday.

Question number 2 on the form:

"Are you an InterNACHI member?

Yes, I am an InterNACHI member.

No, I’m a loser."

Love it.

You caught that huh? LOL.

Are there examples of their work?

Will these sites be mobile friendly?

Hello Ian,
Yes, our websites are mobile friendly as we like to design and stay current with what the search engines and users are looking for.

We’d be happy to send over some samples of past work upon request. You may reach out to us through the forum messaging or by clicking the link Nick provided above and completing the form.

As a new inspector, not sure I can afford this…then again maybe I can’t afford NOT to do it. After the critique of my site ( which was helpful ) I realized that I am a better home inspector than site builder.