Attic access ladders and tempered glass

  1. AHJ says that they will allow a UL listed metal garage (breached firewall) attic access ladder, not the wood werners, and the client wants to buy one but I cant find them Anyone?

  2. Newer home 1992 bathroom shower glass doors have no tempered id (etching) Realtor (oh how I love them) says “well it has to tempered because it so new” yeah right. Do they actually make tempered glass that is not etched? Anyone?


  1. The are pricey. Here

  2. Simply state that you were unable to verify that it is tempered glass.
    It could be but you don’t know. Let someone else prove it.

Comment on Tempered/Safety Glass; Inspector is/was unable to verify the presents of a safety label at the following location(s):

No more, no less. It is simply a CYA

In a new home recently I saw a plywood faced pull down attic ladder in a garage that appeared to be fire rated. The plywood was treated and labeled for fire resistance.

Mike ,they are often not easy to find,and in high rises the huge panels are often not labeled either.

I would assume that it is tempered if manufactured , just as I can only assume all other parts are manufactured to specs.

Here is a link to a foum that state you can determine if they are tempered by wearing Polarized lense sunglasses.