Is tempered glass required here?

There was another window in the enclosure that was tempered. This one is right at the edge. Should it be tempered also?


Yes per NJ’s version of IRC2006 for new construction since part of the window is over the bathtub.

We are not code inspectors, so I always point it out as a safety upgrade NOT as a code defect.

If it’s required for this age of home and it’s not there why not just call it a defect and not a safety upgrade?

AFIK all of that translucent, pebbled glass qualifies as safety glass. Afterall, it’s made for use in such areas.

The glass actually starts at the edge of the tub, so you could argue it’s out of the enclosure. The code seems somewhat vague on this issue, especially if you consider where the “standing surface” would be.

Well, I’d err on the side of caution if I was unsure which I’m not, in that situation.

I call it out as a safety upgrade, because I leave it up to the building inspectors to quote code.

If I called it a defect, the first question that arises is, “Why is it a defect?” It’s much easier to answer it from a home inspectors point of view by saying, “Because if you slip and put your elbow through the glass, it will shatter instead of having jagged edges - hopefully reducing your injuries.” rather than saying, “because it doesn’t meet code.”

I agree.

do not assume that because the glazed opening is obscure that it is safety glazing, that is not always the case. all safety glazing must carry a permenantly etced identification label that would require the destruction of the glazing to remove the label. with the opening being partially over the tub and if it is not safety glazing i would note it as a safety concern

I noted this window last month as a safety concern. The deck was added and you can see the reflection of the steps off to the right leading out of the swimming pool. I can visualize a rambunctious kid running down those steps and tripping through the plate glass window. Not good………


Well OK. on all manufactured products made for resale. This is a great example of why we are NOT code inspectors. I have a custom shower enclosure in my home that I had manufactured and sent out for the temperuring process. It is etched glass by an artist. It has no permanent marking. I Have the receipts. The glass had to be formed into the custom shapes prior to being tempered. While I agree that it is best to point out that the glass may not provide an adequate measure of safety performance based upon observation I would recommend that the customer pursue due diligence to determine if the application meets their own measure of safety performance.

Please not that the IRC and IBC no longer consider “tempered glass” as safety glass.

i have ordered the 2008 updates but have not recieved them as of yet. is that the version that disallows tempered glass? i know that the 2008 version has made fire sprinklers a requirement in new construction single family homes. wonder what that costs?

You are referring to the 2009 version.

I am not sure when the requirement changed, but there is a required inscription on the corner of the pane for the glass to be considered “safety glass” and tempered glass does not get that inscription.

As for the sprinkler systems…homes that are being built with them are being sold quicker than those without them according to my local fire marshal. Get ready for this to spread.

Jim, you lost me on that one.

Both Safety and tempered glass are marked and identified in there on way as such they are.

Every piece of tempered glass must have a permanent stamp or logo to signify it is tempered glass. However, there are no standards which regulate which surface of the glass is to receive the stamp or where the stamp is to be placed on the surface. Tempering stamps can face in or out on an insulated glass unit.

I’ll have to research the code book.

Last month, my ICC chapter had a 6 hour course on inspecting a house by the IRC and the instructor (an ICC certified 30 year building inspecter from Minnesota) took pains to explain to the class that the requirement for “safety glass” was not filled by tempered glass or wired glass. There is a particular approved spec number that must appear in the corner.

I’m sorry for not having the source readily available. I just got in the door. When I get some time, i’ll look up the source.

No problem Jim, I was just confused by the statement. I am just used to seeing the inscription, on commercial buildings anyways. :slight_smile:

The required marking is “16CFR1201”.

He assured us that this marking will not be found on “tempered glass” which is designed to shatter into small pieces.

Because it is not tempered I believe.

Ask him about this one;

CIC 3Tempered 16CFR R01 111

I can’t find a link. :slight_smile:

I hate quoting from my notes. I always get left hanging in the breeze.