Tempered glass

How can I tell if this is tempered glass. There were no markings on it and it was very thin. Thanks

913 NE 36 Ave Homestead 017.jpg

Break it?

Seriously, if I can’t see the etching because it’s not there or because of dirty glass I defer it to be verified and recommend the safety/tempered glass for enhanced safety, or some such.

The id bug on tempered glass is imparted during the tempering process and since tempered glass can not be cut… if there is no bug visable call it out if it is in a location that would require it.

From GlazingCodes.Org:

Thanks for the quick reply

Smash it with a big hammer.

Dosen’t have to be a big hammer Greg, but it sure will go out as a bang. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Wasn’t glue-chip was it? Hard for me to tell