Attic Entry

I am new to the field with about 30 inspections done. What is everyone’s view on entering an attic. I always at least try to get in the attic access however if there is a lot of blown in insulation I tend to not enter and disturb the insulation and risk causing damage to the home. Please provide some incite on different opinions.

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I don’t disturb insulation, more often than not, someone has been in the attic and left a trail. I follow that trail and get as much info along the way as possible. When you go into the attic work to the other end and then document your findings on the way back. On some homes I can enter one access and exit at another. I always wear a respirator and head protection, also have an ice vest which helps tremendously in the hot attics here in south Florida, using the 3 point rule while traversing the attic (always have 2 feet and 1 hand or 2 hands and 1 foot supporting you.

I went to your web site Unless I missed some thing I could not find what area you work in ???

I carry a roll of cheap painters sheet plastic with me…
Open the scuttle up , let the crap hit the plastic take it out to the truck and get rid of it down the road.

Now that I believe! :mrgreen:

Attic Hatch at far left side of house in clothes closet with nailed in shelf below / 12" - 16" of blown insulation in attic / attic rafters on 10/12 - 11/12 pitch.

You could park a RV up there … no walk boards, no collar ties under 8’ up in air … Am I gonna walk it … Bet your butt HELL NO