Attic Framing

I recently inspected a 1 year old fairly high end home. The roof was somewhat complicated with numerous valleys and ridges and was constructed with engineered trusses. I noticed maybe 20-30 plaques on many of the trusses that indicated horizontal bracing was required yet there was none there. I did write it up and recommend the buyer obtain written confirmation from the builder that the trusses were installed per the construction drawings (which were not available; builder would not give, loan, sell, etc them to the current owner when he bought the house, I wonder why? :roll: ). It should be noted that most of the trusses were unique, there were not several identical ones lined up in a row. So, the question is, would you consider this as in need of repair or further attention? Or, do you think the instructions were relevant only if more than one identical or similar truss was lined up with another?

I may have also added that if that is not available that it be referred to the truss manufacture or an SE for sign off.



Good eye. Further attention is definitely required as pre-engineered roof truss installation must always be performed in compliance with the engineer’s truss shop drawings. These shop drawings will indicate the necessary lateral bracing and fastening of multi-ply girder truss.



Typically, you would see the temporary bracing that was used in the erection of the trusses and left in place which usually supplements the permanent lateral bracing required by the Truss Manufacturer. This is not so in this picture.

Good catch on your part.