Truss bracing

How would you write this up?

060226-01 062.jpg

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Well, it’s hard to tell from the limited pic but, it appears that they left some of the spacers in that were used during truss installation.

Larry, I think that these could be spacers also. Although many of the trusses did have similar blocks still installed. Its hard to say without the truss drawings why they are there. I think they should attach them or if not needed get rid of them.

Under no circumstances should roof trusses be altered of modified from their original design, unless the truss Manufacturers Engineers have been consulted in the modification.
Also noted; is the fact that the lateral bracing has been tampered and altered.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Jylbot69. When the framers are installing the trusses, they will put a temporary brace to hold the trusses in position. This brace is not a modification of the truss. The braces are needed until the deck is nailed in place after that they are ignored.

I would noted that a brace was partial unattached in the attic but does not appear to be affecting the roof structure.


Nothing to report. . .

Thank brother Budah, I thought I was missing something?!:D:p

I agree with Jeff.

I agree with Jeff P.
Nothing to report. Those blocks were put in place as a temporary support while the trusses are being constructed. The exterior sheathing and the other purlins are used to tie the trusses together.

Wish you could see our truss bracing in the attic of our 7 year old model home. The production builder in Katy TX used the form boards from the foundation for supports in the attic. Also, the floating beam has no support on one side and is shimmed at the highest ridge. I am working toward having every newly constructed home undergo required inspections in the counties of TX outside of city limits.

just like any entertainment center i’ve ever built from wall*mart…i always have spare parts.

Thank you for everyones replies. Much appreciated.