Attic Inspections

Since we are now entering the summer months and some places like St. Louis, MO area we went from a chilly winter to spring with mega amounts of rain right into the summer heat and high humidity.

I am wondering how many inspectors actually go in the attic when temperatures are 140+ or do you just opt not to inspect due to health & safety?

Don’t be a wuss, get up there and do it. Buyers are paying you a lot of coin to do a good job. Quit making lame excuses and, if it’s traversable, get 'er done. You may sweat a little, but you won’t die. :wink: Or if it’s just too much, you could start taking night classes to be an accountant or similar where your whole day consists of parking your tush in a cushiony chair all day surrounded in an agreeable & controlled ambient temperature.

Available Oxygen is significantly reduced in hot enclosed spaces.

Excessive heat is often a result of poor ventilation, which goes back to reduced oxygen.

Excessively hot attics can be dangerous.

One should be careful, and if you feel it’s unsafe to do enter, don’t.

Ditto that.

Maybe You need higher insurance (joke)? :wink: