Attic Insulation and Floor Surfaces

Just out of curiosity, how is everyone handling insulation pieces on the floor when you enter the attic and close it back up? For example, most of the homes we do have the proper batts over the fold down ladder door. Seems there’s always some that falls out when you move the dam (if present). How do you guys handle. We clean up but I just feel there has to be a better way to do it, plus it speaks volumes about professionalism IMHO. Thoughts?

We put down a large drop cloth and then folded it up and took the dust home with us .

I use an old bed sheet below and shake it out outside after I am done

Best thing I bought, Dewalt Cordless Wet/dry Vacuum.

I carry a small vac it’s not cordless thou. Works great.

I use a large bedsheet, as well as a couple of large towels to drape over the shelf/storage, as well as put one over the top of my telescopic ladder to prevent marking the hatch when I nudge it open.

^ This.

Drop cloths and old bed sheets also come in handy if the dishwasher starts leaking water all over the place. :shock:

Yes, just putting down a drop cloth or sheet will help and make this easier to deal with.

I had not thought of bringing in a shop vac, not a bad idea!