Attic & Asbestos

Went into the attic of a 1955 frame house today, asbestos siding. Rafters and collar ties for roof structure. On all the collar ties and subsequently ceiling beams and on top of the blown in fiberglass insulation was a fine coating of white dust/fibers. As soon as you touched them, they went airborne (unlike drywall dust) and had a horrendous coughing fit the moment I went into the attic. Had to put my whole face respirator on to move about. Anyone have any experience with the vermiculite insulation that was used in the past, could this be remnants of vermiculite past, or something else like an asbestos shingle roof? Just was curious as to how to word this before releasing to the client tomorrow. I don’t like sounding alarms needlessly.

Could be anything. Fiberglass insulation makes me cough sometimes. Just comment on what you saw/experienced and further testing or whatever by an indoor air quality professional if they deem it necessary.

I have had that reaction when I disturb mineral/rock wool.