Attic Insulation Sprayed on Black Substance?

A woman called me (not a client). Said her son is looking at a home and she is positive the insulation in the attic has a black substance sprayed on it and if I knew what it was. I told her I did not based on conversation but if she wanted to send me photos I would post out here to see what others in InterNachi had to say so here we go.

Looks like black tar bleeding out of the paper backing due to the heat in the attic to me. I think they use it to attach the paper and insulation together.

Why yes maam. I will be glad to come out for a single item inspection. My cost for up to 1 hour of inspection time is $150.00.

Your training isn’t free. Your tools aren’t free. Your time isn’t free.

Well said.

Agree with Travis and Stephen :wink: